Purpose of establishment

KEIA was established to help the public better understand about energy and to promote energy culture by distributing objective and scientific energy information.

  • Produces and distributes subjective and scientific knowledge and operates a reference library
  • Conducts research on energy-related scientific technology and operate a publishing business and exhibition hall to disseminate the research results
  • Cooperates with the energy education sector in elementary and middle school science education
  • International cooperation for energy culture promotion and scholarship businesses
  • Foreign PR for different businesses including energy exports
  • Entrusted businesses from government and energy-related institutions


  • ‘17. 11.24Change in the agency’s name
    (Korea Energy Information Agency)
  • ‘16. 6. 23Received an A level for the
    management assessment in
    2015(other public organizations)
  • ‘15. 7. 1Change in the agency’s
    English name
    *(KONEPA → KNEA)
    * Korea Nuclear Energy Promotion Agency
    → Korea Nuclear Energy Agency
  • ‘07. 3. 27 Opened the energy
    experience center(1st of KEIA
    office building)
  • ‘02. 1. 1Contribution system for
    funds for electric power industry
  • ‘95. 7. 1Contribution system
    according to the laws for
    the areas adjacent to power plants
  • ‘92. 3. 25KEIA establishment
    (jointly invested by 15
    electricity related
    organizations including KEPCO)