Contributing to propel energy policies by communicating with the public


A global communication cooperative organizations to develop public trust and safety culture regarding energy


  • 객관·공정한 정보개발 및 공유Develop and share subjective and fair information

  • 검증된 정보의 공신력 확보 및 확산Secure and distribute public confidence of verified information

  • 상시적 쌍방향 소통채널 확보 및 운영Secure and operate continuous two-way communication channels

  • 상생을 통한 에너지 미래선도Lead the future with cooperation


Providing fair and objective information on various energy sectors including nuclear energy and activating public-centered energy information communication



  • Customized information
    • Operation of one-stop information site
    • Development of user-friendly contents
    • Distribution of refined information after verification
    • Production and provision of well-balanced contents of different energy sources
    • Development of communication messages to better propel energy policies
  • Public-friendly communication
    • Operation of communication-customized information platform
      • Effective communication dissemination through cooperation with media which have many contact points with the public
    • Development of education program where culture and education is combined
    • Enhancing customized communication for each target
  • Well-balanced communication
    • Research on advanced energy policy cases
    • Expanding opportunities for participation and discussions
    • Development of anticipative response system for current issues
    • Development of self-regulating discussion organizations to mitigate social conflicts and to enhance cooperation