What We Do


What we do

  • Customized information

    Websites and SNS channels
    establishes and operates an integrated internet platform to provide information required by the public
    Media communication
    spreads a social consensus by providing accurate information on energy through media
  • Public-friendly communication

    Public press corps ‘Energy Friends’
    The public can participate as a journalist to provide energy news home and abroad and to conduct research
    Nuclear energy school
    Work-experience education enhances the next generation’s understanding of energy and sets a foundation for communication through education and exploration
    Energy seminar is a culture communication activity which delivers information on the principles of different energy sources, safety, and importance in a friendly manner
  • Well-balanced communication

    Domestic and foreign research
    develops data and materials after sorting out and examining main issues and public interests through research on advanced cases on energy
    Public meetings
    Minimizes social conflicts regarding energy policies and provide different communication channels to form a social consensus