Well-balanced communication

Information research

KEIA collects, researches, and analyzes home and abroad informative materials regarding energy including nuclear energy and renewables and carry a public survey of people who live close to power plants.

Home and abroad data collection and research

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Research areas
  • Issues with primary energy(oil, coal, natural gas, uranium, etc), secondary energy(electricity, heat, etc.), renewables(solar photovoltaic, solar heat, wind, geothermal, bio, etc)
  • energy policy, energy statistics, foreign cases, etc.
  • egular and irregular reports
  • multicontents including infographic, card news, news letters, etc.
  • media press releases
  • KEIA website, Energy Interactive Information (EIIC)
  • KEIA’s online media including blog and SNS media

Public opinion poll

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Method Target Volume Contents of investigation
Public opinion poll on energy Entire nation 1.000
  • Energy policy awareness, knowledge, etc.
  • values on energy
Public opinion poll on current issues Entire nation 800
  • analysis of attitudes towards current issues
  • people’s perception on nuclear safety
  • analysis of local opinion
Entire nation 800

International cooperation

KEIA develops network with energy-related international organizations, specialized organizations of each country, and foreign experts and develop basis for cooperation.

  • Foreign network

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    The first half
    • Research on international organization pool
    • develop channels for cooperation
    The second half
    • activate networks with employees from international organizations
    • regularize exchanges
    Mid-long term expand the network
  • Foreign experts invitation

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    Goal Share exemplary cases of current energy issues
    Events Talk concerts for university students, citizens, etc(2 times a year)
    Press releases Media interview, column contribution

Experts policy forum

KEIA contributes to gathering opinions on energy policies and developing basis for social consensus by developing basis for participatory decision making process, citizen participation, and public debates.

  • Debates

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    Business name Debates to form public opinion on energy policy and social consensus
    Target Public, stakeholders, experts, media, etc.
    Methods Allows stakeholders and experts to share their opinions
    Times 3 times (1 at National Assembly, 1 at media, 1 at NGO)
  • Energy forums

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    Forum name Energy forum(tentative name)
    Members Experts, citizens, locals, and universities, etc.
    Operation Communication through debates and policy proposal
    Topics Energy policy, conflict management, policy communication, issue research, etc.
  • International seminar

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    Topic A place for the public to discuss about ‘information, culture, communication’
    Location TBA
    Method Host(MOTIE), supervise(KEIA), Cooperate(related organizations)
    Structures International conferences, ceremonies, concerts, forums, contest exhibits, exhibitions, announcement rally

* The businesses are subject to change.