“KEIA will perform its duties as a public institution in order to generate
an era of clean energy that places top priority on public safety.”


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The public’s lives and safety have become the most important issues in today’s society.

KEIA will strive even harder to provide objective and scientific information so that it can converse people’s understanding and can spread correct understanding of energy.
From a higher and broader perspective, it will do its best to develop the information culture of energy.

The first strategic goal is to develop and share objective and fair energy information. In order to achieve a social consensus on energy policy,
it is crucial to develop and share objective and fair information. KEIA promises to strive for the following three tasks including setting up a two-way communication channel with stakeholders as well as building trust, securing various communication contents, and creating a customer-centric knowledge and information sharing platform.
The second goal is to enhance a safety culture and public understanding of energy.
KEIA will push ahead with the following three tasks including securing accessibility towards field-based communication and promotion of the information culture of energy through the knowledge sharing frame, activating spaces to form a social consensus regarding energy policies through careful discussions, and promoting the public understanding by developing contents based on the public’s lifestyle.
The third one is to let stakeholders form shared values.
KEIA will focus its efforts on the following three tasks including providing low-cost and high efficient public services while expanding cooperation with the government, solving conflicts while prioritizing the public’s benefits with objectivity and expertise, and building knowledge and information sharing system as well as performing continuous communications.
The fourth is to complete its mission to lead the energy future through cooperation.
KEIA will use its utmost endeavors for the following three tasks including generation of potential and future values by expanding open networks with academics, industries, and experts in all social strata, contribution to reduce costs of conflicts through conflict-solving programs with industry-academic cooperation, and construction of international networks and utilizing exemplary cases to enhance the public acceptance.

Please give a lot of support and attention.

Korea Energy Information Culture Agency